Handcrafted Homewares – Hook and Eye Melbourne

Recently published with The Home Journal - I recently had the pleasure of interviewing local creative Fiona Pringle from Hook and Eye!  For homewares designer Fiona Pringle from Hook and Eye, travel has been more than just travel. It’s been a source for ideas – a seemingly endless supply of rich, exotic inspiration – that trickles through to … Continue reading Handcrafted Homewares – Hook and Eye Melbourne

Boho, Still Beautiful

She is: eclectic, unexpected: not fearing colour. Bold enough to make a statement. Gifted at piecing unexpected finds together. Wrapped in history but making history too through preference for colour, feather, vintage and seemingly scattered yet thoughtful collections. Timeless, intriguing and artistic. These would be fair descriptions if 'boho' was indeed a person, a lady … Continue reading Boho, Still Beautiful