Check Up at the Design Doctor (Part 1)

She compares opening a business to an artist displaying their wares – “you put yourself out there. It’s like having an exhibition – and everyone’s coming to see your things – it’s like being in that place all the time.”

Check up at the Design Doctor (Part 2)

In my mind, or my mind’s eye as Wolfmother so soothingly sang about a few years back, I saw it happen…I walked into the Design Doctor, expertly filmed around it and then sat down with owner Merita Manning, interviewing 60 Minutes style.

The way you wear your hat

One sunny Sunday lunchtime, I ate lunch at the Convent Gallery in beautiful Daylesford. Life intervened and I stepped away from the table momentarily. As I came back from the bathroom and was walking to where I was sitting, looking like a tourist in my jeans, “street shoes” and baseball hat I saw him. Now asContinue reading “The way you wear your hat”