Boho, Still Beautiful

She is: eclectic, unexpected: not fearing colour. Bold enough to make a statement. Gifted at piecing unexpected finds together. Wrapped in history but making history too through preference for colour, feather, vintage and seemingly scattered yet thoughtful collections. Timeless, intriguing and artistic. These would be fair descriptions if 'boho' was indeed a person, a lady … Continue reading Boho, Still Beautiful

Starting a Local News Site – the Story Behind Stories of Geelong

After I finished my Bachelor's degree I went onto do my master's degree in Writing and Literature at Deakin University. This was such a wonderful time and I learnt so much. With a love of journalism but also a love of stories, literature and fiction writing I thought this would be the perfect way to … Continue reading Starting a Local News Site – the Story Behind Stories of Geelong

A Beauty Salon with a Difference

Read my interview with Geelong beautician and organics advocate, Justine Morgan, on chocolate fake tan, knitting between clients and why we should boycott chemicals. Oh, and starting her own business. Tell me about your range... "Well, all the make up is organic: it’s vegan, it’s certified organic, no animal testing, it’s made in Australia. So you … Continue reading A Beauty Salon with a Difference