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Dresses from The Dressmaker Movie

The Dressmaker Costumer Exhibition, currently on display at Barwon Park Mansion until March, has some serious style eye candy!

anna kosmanovski hat pop shop style

The way you wear your hat

One sunny Sunday lunchtime, I ate lunch at the Convent Gallery in beautiful Daylesford. Life intervened and I stepped away from the table momentarily. As I came back from the bathroom and was walking to where I was sitting, looking like a tourist in my jeans, “street shoes” and baseball hat I saw him. Now as I passed the tables full of people enjoying a Sunday lunch: affluent couples on double dates dining, men purposively and happily enjoying solitude, a latte and thick weekend papers and gossiping women eating soup, there was one table which stood out. Which captured my attention, my gaze, which almost made me gasp. That was him. A stranger wearing a hat. He stood out like a person in colour among a room full of 1950s black and white television. At first glance I didn’t even notice what he was wearing, I noticed his eyes. They were alive. Now I’m going to be very careful here. All writers need to be when they start throwing phrases this like around, “his eyes were alive”, …