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The Voice – Struggles and Success

Last year I, like millions of other Aussies, curled up on a couch and watched The Voice. This wasn’t the first TV talent show I had watched – my gosh, there had been so many leading up to that: Australia’s Got Talent, The X Factor, Australian Idol and probably half a dozen I can’t remember! – but The Voice had something different about it which succeeded in drawing me in.

An Autumn Day Dallied in Daylesford …

Is this going to be a cheesy blog post going on about the beauty of Autumn? Is this going to be all flowery descriptions (“sunburnt leaves,” “crunchy red” “weak sunlight streaming on lemon, orange and cranberry coloured leaves?”) – something akin to a travel brochure for no particular thing, only called “Autumn?”

The sport of writing, anna kosmanovski

The sport of writing

Writers.They’re funny types. Weird. By this, obviously I am including myself. Think about it… if there was an athlete training for a triathlon or a marathon or some serious, inevitable event, what would they be doing? Training. Training. Working with a coach, being disciplined, off to the pool at 5.30am, only eating roast potatoes on a Sunday, that sort of thing.