Beanie’s Book Review 🐾 – The Baggage Handler

Beanie (and I) recently read The Baggage Handler by South Australian author David Rawlings.

I met David at this year’s Omega Writers’ Conference, where he ran a brilliant workshop on managing time while juggling different aspects to writing.

At the conference bookshop, I saw his novel for sale and was intrigued by the cover and the concept of it.

Figuring it was a good time to buy it, I did – and received a signed copy!

On my first night home I began reading the book and then smashed it out in two or three days. As suspected, it was an intriguing and addictive read.

It follows the story of three people who lose their baggage and visit the Baggage Handler. The story touches on some important themes, like not carrying other people’s baggage and the invitation to “unload” one’s own burdens. (The whole time I was reading, I kept thinking – “this needs to be made into a movie”.)

So, as you can guess I do recommend this book (as does Beanie). Beautiful writing and an intriguing storyline. 📖✔️

After reading, a kip is always good.

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