Boho, Still Beautiful

She is: eclectic, unexpected: not fearing colour. Bold enough to make a statement. Gifted at piecing unexpected finds together. Wrapped in history but making history too through preference for colour, feather, vintage and seemingly scattered yet thoughtful collections. Timeless, intriguing and artistic.

These would be fair descriptions if ‘boho’ was indeed a person, a lady to call upon for afternoon tea perhaps.

One of my favourite home decorating styles is Boho, and no matter what trends are in, for me boho always is. Maybe you too?

There’s just something so intriguing, so mysterious and – almost – inimitable about boho design.

And that’s because this unique style will look different from one boho lover to another. The way one person styles their home will look completely different to another, and both can be in boho style.

Here are just some things that boho decor may incorporate, but not limited to… feathers, pearls, bright colours, pastel colours, off whites, creams, bold statements of black, peacock feathers and imagery, 17th century design,18th century design, 19th century design, hints of Art Deco, French influence, luxurious bed sheets, prized collections of throw cushions, mirrors, gold, metallics, ceiling detail, claw foot baths, canopies, layers of materials, wicker and so much more!

Locally, I’ve found some furniture and homewares shops for a bit of boho touch:

Early SettlerProvincial LivingThe Lily PondSchot’s Home Emporium and Blue Illusion. Don’t forget to check out op shops and second hand shops like Geelong Vintage Markets and the Mill Markets too!

For those who share a passion for things bohemian, here’s some boho finds to inspire your inner bohemian to come out and be free!

 Photo credits:

1. Ishka 2. Ishka 3. 4. MYER 5. Domayne 6. Domayne 7. Eartly Settler 8. Early Settler 9. Aldi 10. Blue Illusion 11. Early Settler 12. Oz Lighting 13. One Kings Lane

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