That First Moment – Opp Shops and I

It started when I was but 19 years old and about to go on a trip to Europe. I needed a new handbag, something very durable but also fashionable which could be worn for 5 weeks straight and look good with everything.

I fossicked through the handbag “bin” – an honest appraisal of how the handbags were stored – and came up with gold, and not the fool’s type either.

Light red and with a leather orange strap, I soon found my treasure. Made of soft but durable (as I found out in the years to come) material, this handbag was brand new with tags and even contained a certification of authenticity inside it.

I scrutinised and squinted at some words I didn’t then recognise: Yves Saint Laurent. I noticed the zip had a “YSL” symbol on it.

It was only months, maybe years later that the impact of what happened hit me.

There in a Grovedale opp shop I picked up a luxury goods item for $5. Not even the price of 2 coffees! (Although it was 2005, so maybe you could get 2 coffees back then.)

This lovely bag took me all around Europe. Twice. I literally probably used it more than 1000 times, I am sure.

Now, eight years on this bag is admittedly very worn and refused to be photographed.

Nevertheless just thinking about that bargain inspired this blog post. I need to tell my ladies out there that you can find incredible designer bargains and awesome, one off finds at your local thrift shop!

Ever since that first $5 handbag moment, I fell in love with opp shops.

I loved the interesting bargains I found rummaging around, the sweet people I would meet in the opp shop stores and the fact that my money was going towards a good cause.

The Salvos. Vinnies. RSPCA. I haven’t yet found a thrift shop with a cause I haven’t wanted to support.

Showcasing accessories picked up at opp shops, I would like to share with you some of my favourite finds in the hope of inspiring others to go and check out their local thrift store. There is such gold to be found, you just need a high dose of both patience and optimism. And maybe, if you are allergic to dust, a tissue or two …

anna kosmanovski shoes

Tony Bianco shoesSachi leather pumpsBalenciaga coral red heels with lovely gold trims and red leather ankle boots with gold buttons. All these babies were under $10. Whaaaaat?!


Gotta love well-worn leather boots that are still in great condition!

anna kosmanovski hat pop shop style

This fantastic Indiana Jones inspired hat for $4

There are plenty of other treasures I will be sharing with you soon! The bargains just keep coming.

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