Hi, I’m Anna. I’ve loved writing since I learnt the alphabet. Ever since Prep, I’ve been writing stories and continue to do so today. (Currently my story is a historical fiction manuscript.)

I grew up on a steady pile of books and enjoyed both the classics and “popular” fiction. I was the Year 9 student reading both the Brontes and Goosebumps. Dickens and all the Sweet Valley High book I could get my hands on.

After studying a Masters of Arts (Writing and Literature) from Deakin University, I’ve have worked professionally in writing since 2011, spanning jobs in marketing, copywriting, journalism and communications. Some of this work has been as a freelance writer, where I wrote regular columns for The Weekly Review Geelong for years, as well as penned dozens of websites for small businesses.

One government organisation said I made their corporate communications “more jazzy”, which they liked. One favourite job was being hired as an in-house magazine editor for a disability organisation.

Last year, I decided to focus on writing fiction and and was pleased to complete a draft of my historical fiction manuscript last year. This year I am editing it and enjoying the process of polishing my story. I have many other stories in me to write.

Because we’re chatting, here are three things I love: Autumn’s crispy air, French toast glazed with maple syrup and – mostly every single cat I’ve met. I live in the beautiful region of Geelong, Victoria.

I hope that my words will inspire you to keep dreaming. (Or start again, if you’ve stopped!)