5 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing Presence

The Chinese New Year says that 2014 is the year of the horse. It’s also the year of your online marketing presence! Continue reading “5 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing Presence”

What to write when you’re not sure?

It’s been a little while between posts. Let me tell you what’s been happening, dear reader. Well, I got attacked by a wild grizzly bear who held me down and said, “you are going to be quite busy for a few months. Updating your website with fresh content is going to have to wait until things settle down.” Continue reading “What to write when you’re not sure?”

Starting a Local News Site – the Story Behind Stories of Geelong

After I finished my Bachelor’s degree I went onto do my master’s degree in Writing and Literature at Deakin University. This was such a wonderful time and I learnt so much. Continue reading “Starting a Local News Site – the Story Behind Stories of Geelong”

My letter to my hometown

Dear Geelong, You are my hometown. Even more, my home. I’ve left you and moved to other cities, cities where the roofs almost touch the sky and public transport is more abundant than here. Continue reading “My letter to my hometown”