What to write when you’re not sure?

It’s been a little while between posts. Let me tell you what’s been happening, dear reader. Well, I got attacked by a wild grizzly bear who held me down and said, “you are going to be quite busy for a few months. Updating your website with fresh content is going to have to wait until things settle down.”

But I lie. It wasn’t a bear at all. It was a giant unicorn who distracted me with its pretty big eyes, swishy tail and generally amazing, startling extinct qualities.

Some things which happened:

1) I got a new job! Yay!! 

2) There were some tying of some knots. Two knots, two people. Maybe that’s one knot? Whatever is most applicable!

I got married.

I had my Prince Charming meet me at the church alter, suavely dressed in a bow tie and suit. I had no white horse but white ribbon on a shiny black car. I wore my dream dress, and a wondrous bargain at that too! We were spoilt with amazing weather and shared our day with many wonderful people from all walks of our lives and our new lives together.

With a new ring on my finger and memories of a beautiful day etched both in my head and on a USB stick, I consider myself so fortunate to now “do life” with – turn away for this corny! – my best friend.

My news now given, I can tell you that my head is now swimming with inspiration and ideas for articles on here. Musings, thoughts, ideas, sharing of stories.

I have a feeling my posts are about to change. In subject matter, that is. I’d love for you to subscribe if you’d like to *self promotional moment, there’s a subscribe button on the home page* and share in these posts, these stories and other miscellaneous ideas with me.

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