Boho, Still Beautiful

She is: eclectic, unexpected: not fearing colour. Bold enough to make a statement. Gifted at piecing unexpected finds together. Wrapped in history but making history too through preference for colour, feather, vintage and seemingly scattered yet thoughtful collections. Timeless, intriguing and artistic. These would be fair descriptions if 'boho' was indeed a person, a lady … Continue reading Boho, Still Beautiful

Like Humans to Honey: A Healing Food

Take note, Mary Poppins: let’s try a spoonful of honey, not sugar. Recent Australian research by the national body Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) was released last month, revealing a new benefit to local honey that’s good news for IBS sufferers. From localized honey working wonders for hay fever to Cleopatra reportedly bathing … Continue reading Like Humans to Honey: A Healing Food

Physical Inactivity Fourth Leading Cause Of Death

Physical inactivity, a key risk factor for diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer, is also the fourth leading cause of mortality, as recent research by the World Health Organization reports. The findings, published in February this year, define physical activity as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that require energy expenditure. And don’t … Continue reading Physical Inactivity Fourth Leading Cause Of Death