Daylesford Dreaming

Deadlines & Daylesford Dreaming: a travel musing featuring Autumn leaves, lavender and the beauty of a weekender

The way you wear your hat

One sunny Sunday lunchtime, I ate lunch at the Convent Gallery in beautiful Daylesford. Life intervened and I stepped away from the table momentarily. As I came back from the bathroom and was walking to where I was sitting, looking like a tourist in my jeans, “street shoes” and baseball hat I saw him. Now asContinue reading “The way you wear your hat”

An Autumn Day Dallied in Daylesford …

Is this going to be a cheesy blog post going on about the beauty of Autumn? Is this going to be all flowery descriptions (“sunburnt leaves,” “crunchy red” “weak sunlight streaming on lemon, orange and cranberry coloured leaves?”) – something akin to a travel brochure for no particular thing, only called “Autumn?”