3 Good Reasons To Go Thrift Shopping

Thrifting, opp shopping, fossicking for bargains – to me, this is the new black. Well, it’s always been the ‘new black!’ As in, utterly amazing. Continue reading “3 Good Reasons To Go Thrift Shopping”

5 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing Presence

The Chinese New Year says that 2014 is the year of the horse. It’s also the year of your online marketing presence! Continue reading “5 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing Presence”

Modern Day Writer VS Eighteenth Century Writer

I admit it, I am constantly thinking about the 18th century and “olden times.” Continue reading “Modern Day Writer VS Eighteenth Century Writer”

That First Moment – Opp Shops and I

It started when I was but 19 years old and about to go on a trip to Europe. Continue reading “That First Moment – Opp Shops and I”

Great Optimism Before Depression: Gatsby

An English Lit student aged under 21 years old, I’d read the Great Gatsby, a ‘great work of literature’, because that’s just what one did.  Continue reading “Great Optimism Before Depression: Gatsby”