Meet the Itty Bitty Book Van

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating on the website of an inspiring – and much needed – local business.

Meet the Itty Bitty Book Van is a new and much needed concept – a travelling children’s caravan well stocked with books, fun and ways to spark a child’s imagination for all things literary.

Kerri Bennett, who has worked for ten years in publishing, was inspired to start the Itty Bitty Book Van as a way to help share the joy of children’s literature in a way that appeals to kids.

The best thing about the Itty Bitty Book Van is that it’s mobile and has the freedom to pop up, well, all over the place really!

With a well curated and ever changing book selection, funky retro design and a much needed concept, The Itty Bitty Book Van helps parents foster a love of literature in their child. Looking over books online, touching, reading a page or two: somethings never get old.

Find out more at

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