Spare A Thought For The Original Burners of Midnight Oil: Journalists

Yesterday was a busy day for Australians as we saw the Julia Gillard/Kevin Rudd leadership spill unfold but it was also a big day for journalists too.

Today Tonight host Helen Kapolos Kapolos kept her composure as a true professional as she experienced something every television anchor could likely dread: change of format on a live broadcast without proper synergy.

Kapolos did a commendable job in stressful circumstances beyond her control, but this seemed to capture the flavour of the night as news professionals around the country clocked in overtime and burned their midnight oil.

Then we saw Leigh Sales, host of the 7.30 report, staying up until the late hours of the night with political reporter Annabel Crabb. As the ABC’s coverage continued on into the night, Sales made light reference to her hubby and kids at home.

Editors, sub-editors, photographers, online editors, bloggers, radio hosts and producers all working very hard to give coverage on this breaking news.

Without these hardworking people, there would be no news.

And without news, we would be bereft of so many values which matter and are essential to any democracy: truth, scrutiny and investigation as well as politicians and people in power being accountable.

In our present day climate, professional working journalists come with their own bonafide certificate of certification. They’re the real deal.

Tough job cuts mixed with a shaky industry and uncertain future has separated the wheat from the chaff in a way: 2013 journalists are around because they – I suspect – genuinely WANT to be. They are committed, resourceful, resilient and innovative, not to mention passionate about what they do.

You don’t do it for the money, job certainty (what job certainty?!) or glory.

A true journalism professional – from sub editor to photographer to reporter – seeks to expose corruption and deliver truths, and that’s rarely well received, so  take away the glory thing too.

But last night, and today, and tomorrow, we will read and watch and listen to news which contains valuable truths, research, interviews and hard earned knowledge.

Crikey,, The Herald SunThe Age, The Australian, ABC, SBS and so many more!

In an industry which has received such a battering in recent times, this is worth pausing for a moment to acknowledge.


One thought on “Spare A Thought For The Original Burners of Midnight Oil: Journalists

  1. Hey Anna! Long time no see.

    This is a lovely, very poignant piece. I too was watching 7.30 Report that night and only around 10 PM that I realised that the anchorwoman was doing overtime. Their dedication to report the news is worth the recognition.

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