Looking for Success? Look at Your Attitude

Have you ever thought that there must be more out for you in the world than you are currently experiencing?  Don’t be scared: this is no sales pitch but a musing.

What if it’s all to do with attitude?

Your attitude.

An attitude is what you bring with you when you apply for jobs and write job applications. It’s there in the good times and the hard times: the days you love and the days you wish were already tomorrow.

Words, actions, body language, “energy” can all come out of attitude.

Your attitude shines through in everything you do.

As you go on job interviews, your attitude comes too. It meets your employers and work colleagues too, it shakes hands with them and says – in an unspoken, very clear way – “Hello, this is what I really think.”

We can often forget about our attitudes in the daily drudge of life and jobs and responsibilities. We can be rich in goals but poor in attitude.

Yet, our attitude is critical: critical to how others perceive us, critical to how we perceive ourselves, critical to our success.

And how can there be true success – success beyond one person – without an attitude in the right place either?

A good attitude builds good relationships: it goes before you and prepares the way. And it has an uncanny, very spot on knack of shining through in all that you do. Really, it’s quite hard to hide a “bad attitude”  but a “good attitude” draws people to you like bees to honey.


Because frankly, why wouldn’t bees want to be around honey and how can employers resist hiring that interviewee with the genuinely great attitude?

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