Check up at the Design Doctor (Part 2)

In my mind, or my mind’s eye as Wolfmother so soothingly sang about a few years back, I saw it happen…I walked into the Design Doctor, expertly filmed around it and then sat down with owner Merita Manning, interviewing 60 Minutes style.

A True story: a cold Sunday night in Geelong

It was a cold Sunday night, very cold. I was protected inside the old Honda from last century that is my car but even that – and a halfhearted car heater turned to the hottest level – did not completely ease the bite of the wicked winter chill which danced around, ready to attack meContinue reading “A True story: a cold Sunday night in Geelong”

Sleeping giant starting to wake up: Geelong’s art scene begins to flourish

Inside the little town (dramatised for nonsensical purposes) of Geelong, there lies many artists. Many  painters, photographers, writers, musicians, illustrators, people who draw on both canvasses and serviettes: you get the picture.