The Hope Button: activate it

Contrary to how it looks, this story is not just some light-hearted tale to read to Fluffy the dog at bedtime: ‘The Day Mummy Made A Jam Sandwich.’ It’s actually a true story.

Once upon a time, there was a journalist who became really nervous because she decided to write on one of things we hardly talk about. Continue reading “The Hope Button: activate it”

A widespread artistic affliction: silence the inner critic!

The saddest thing in art is when an artist is debilitated unfruitful by the ruling of an over-grown Inner Critic. Continue reading “A widespread artistic affliction: silence the inner critic!”

Some of my favourite books

I’d like to tell you about some my favourite books. Or I could talk like a lot of readers do when being interviewed by an imaginary journalist, answering the following hyperbolic question: “What books have changed your life?” Continue reading “Some of my favourite books”

Something about Imagination

Do you know that a genius – a certified, world changing, immensely intelligent genius – once made this comment about imagination? He said, “Imagination is silly. Once you grow up, you no longer require it. Promptly, throw it in the bin after age eleven.” Then he snapped his britches, tapped a hard boiled egg until it opened (breakfast for geniuses, some think. Often accompanied by the beloved and most popular prune juice), picked up a briefcase and strode away from the breakfast table and indeed our blog post. Continue reading “Something about Imagination”