Reading blogs on a Sunday morning – the new weekend paper?

Weekends are meant for reading, right?

The sacred,time honoured ritual of a Saturday morning cafe trip of opening a pile of fresh weekend papers before ordering your first coffee does not discriminate to Sundays. Sundays are good for that too.

I love reading. And even if I forget it sometimes by the business of life, I soon remember that I HAVE NO CHOICE in that matter. I’m a writer – I need to read. It’s my food, my inspiration and when I do it I feel so satisfied.

On a particular Sunday morning which happens to be this one right now, I woke up knowing it was going to be that kind of Sunday.

The kind of Sunday where you stay in bed until late morning even if awake. The kind of slow moving, energising, restful Sunday which is so needed after a busy week of work and a busy week to come.

Now that my full intention of how to spend today is disclosed, you must know that today I awoke hungry to read. Well hungry also for French toast and maple syrup along with a smattering of berries but that’s another musing for another day.

A keen WordPress lover and blogger, I suddenly remembered just how to fill my reading hunger. Basically, how to fill up my car (me) with gas (reading) for free…I clicked on and found myself at the Freshly Pressed blog section where I spent time perusing for almost an hour.

My reading taste buds were spoilt as I devoured high quality writing and interesting ideas.

The best thing was I came across articles which professed views and opinions which differed from my own.

I liked this as it gave new insight and knowledge. I read blogs on fashion, history, cultural identity, travel and religion, just to name a few.

I did not hesitate to click that lovely “Follow” button and expand my blog network with new writers and new writings.

I learnt more about what it’s like to live in New York (from Australia) and also found out surprising facts about Lord Bryon’s daughter Ada Lovelace which I didn’t know.

Blogging is writing and writing is writers and writers and people.

There is something special which happens when we read something written in a good blog. We feel like we can relate to what they are written. We feel like we are being taught something. And we feel like we are connecting with a friend, a friend we haven’t met yet and may not ever meet again.

So hey thanks WordPress for your Freshly Pressed section. It’s good to go to when you don’t know what you read. It’s also a great place to discover new blogs and bloggers, which makes me quite happy for some reason.

Having a lazy Sunday too and after some interesting reads? Check it out for yourself –

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