Something about Imagination

Do you know that a genius – a certified, world changing, immensely intelligent genius – once made this comment about imagination? He said, “Imagination is silly. Once you grow up, you no longer require it. Promptly, throw it in the bin after age eleven.” Then he snapped his britches, tapped a hard boiled egg until it opened (breakfast for geniuses, some think. Often accompanied by the beloved and most popular prune juice), picked up a briefcase and strode away from the breakfast table and indeed our blog post. Continue reading “Something about Imagination”

Be led by a vision, start dreaming again.

Should you only write when you’re inspired? Only write when you’re feeling positive? Should you only sing when you feel good? Only put hand to key when you are happy? Should you only paint when you want to? Dip brush into water when you feel a joy bursting out of you? Continue reading “Be led by a vision, start dreaming again.”

Thoughts on Walking and Nodding

One of the characteristics of studying can, often be a difficulty in having ‘enough’ money to get by. Or “buy” so the pun would go…

Study can soak up both your money, as well as time. For example the term ‘Social Life’ which may cause distress and familiar angst to some of you who understand too well the instance of phrases like this being bandied around: “Oh man, would love to come out but have to study tonight.” Or, “Wish I could drop by the party but this essay is due tomorrow morning and it’s worth [bla bla] percent.”

Or, as was in my case, “I’m sorry I can’t come tonight because I have to work all day tomorrow, yes I know tomorrow is Sunday but weekend work is all I can take because I’m a – yes that glamourous word again – Student!” Continue reading “Thoughts on Walking and Nodding”