Writing for Burnside Writers’ Collective

anna kosmanovski burnside writers

I was really pleased to have two articles published in the Burnside Writers Collective, an American online faith magazine.

I became interested in writing for this publication after finding out that one of my favourite authors, Donald Miller who wrote the modern classic Blue Like Jazz, serves as a founding director of Burnside Writers. I would definitely like to contribute more content to this website again.

You can read my Burnside works for yourself:

Faith, Sonic the Hedgehog and Watching the Movie of my Life with God

Lessons from Saint Teddy Bear on Faith and Waiting

Published by Anna Kosmanovski

After years of freelance writing and working in magazines I am now writing fiction and short stories. I'm a writer on a journey to becoming a published author. My genres are historical fiction for adults, YA and MG girls' stories, short stories and whatever else words come to me and ask to be written!

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