Just some life lessons I’ve learnt this past year

This past year or so I have learnt a lot. A lot.

Life has changed and become this and become that and become this again, transformed like a Transformer.

But it’s not the only one: I have changed, too.

  • I have written more than I thought I could. Creative plays, a novel, technological writing and even OH&S industry content. A guitar can play a variety of music styles, similarly  a writer can write in a variety of writing styles.
  • Even despite going through “negative” situations, as everyone on the planet can, I have picked up wisdoms and truth yet in some ways, I am even more hopeful than I was 12 months ago!
  • I believe more and more that anything is possible, with faith and perseverance.
  • I am eating more fish. It’s very good for you, you know.
  • Courage is something I am taking hold of more and more: I’m not just saving it for a rainy day
  • Everything worth something requires sacrifice.
  • Creative people can sometimes make the mistake of putting themselves “in a box.” On the contrary, the very nature of being creative cannot flourish under such restrictions. Visual artists often sing, and guitarists  are often poets. Celebrate specific talents but don’t restrict yourself.
  • Social media is a powerful tool but remember that when you come to the end of your life, you’re not going to care about how many Facebook friends and wall post likes you have. Really.
  • In the digital world, privacy may be the new black. A novel idea, perhaps, but protect it.
  • The sale of intellectual property attracts a capital gains tax. This tells us that our ideas are worth something. Take it from someone who knows – share your ideas freely but discern for yourself the appropriateness of the situation and the person you are telling. How people react to our new born ideas is of the utmost importance. Tell your exciting wrong idea to someone who frowns and points out the problems of it and you may never tell anyone else. Protect your passions, they are like newborn babies – beautiful but needing of much protection
  • Do not rely on Spell Check. It undos all the good work of spelling tests and worrying English teachers.
  • Smiley faces may not always be that. Sometimes they are simply a colon and a half bracket. Just saying…
  • Ask questions. Research. Prepare. Hope. Expect the best in life, why not? Treat people with respect and see them for all their gifts and talent and worth and potential and they will act in accordance.
  • Gossip is not harmless but toxic: avoid it like the plague!
  • Happiness is never to be found in material goods although it can be hard to be happy without them.

I just thought I would share some of the things I’ve learnt this last year, both professionally and personally.

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