Ode to Waterfalls and Bird Seed

It started with birdseed.

It was there on the side table of our accommodation, next to the usual travel brochures about the area – it caught my eye. 

A container brimmed-full of birdseed, with a gentle instruction to feed the morning birds – cockatoos and king parrots.

We’d just had breakfast and were soaking in the Lorne fresh air. Also the view of trees overlooking our balcony, and a couple of kangaroos munching away on the dewy grass.

I picked up the birdseed container and poured some on our balcony railing.

Well, a couple of minutes later a bird came. And another one. Soon, a dozen cockatoos, shadowed by king parrots surrounded our little cottage. And began to feast.

And then I was there, hosting cockatoos on both my head and arms, as I held out bird seed. Around me were my squeals of delight and the crack of bird teeth enjoying corn kernels.

Soon, the birds flew off, but not far – the people next door had similarly discovered their stash of bird seed.

They left me with a happy feeling, though. The day had just begun and already I’d had the pleasure of being really “up close” to magnificent birds. (Also slightly scratched.)

That’s when I was reminded that there’s nothing like being in nature. No screen-time or Zooms or Netflix shows can replace it.

Nothing else like breathing in the fresh air and sighing in that happy way. (Especially this year.)

Lorne, an hour from where I live, is generous beautiful but there’s also beautiful spots right near by too – a ten minute drive away is another waterfall, for instance. 

Photo by Manuela Adler on Pexels.com

Now Nature (and waterfalls – I’m so obsessed) is back on my mind, which feels so right.

There is so much natural beauty everywhere – much more to discover. And rediscover.

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