The Sparkle Volleyball of Creativity

Creativity makes more creativity. 

It is a never-ending sky of beauty and innovation, birther of ideas, inventions and the little tweaks of life which can bring so much joy.

It is a tool, meant for good. I’m also learning it is a tool which is meant to be shared.

A volleyball to toss to another person – the opposite of a poison ball – which begins to then inspire, even change its holder.  I’m coining it sparkle volleyball!

Picture a sparkly volleyball: Something to both throw and catch!

I’m allowing myself to be abstract here, to run away with tangents as I think on the subject…. one of my favourite subjects.

But really, what I’m meaning to say is, I think creativity is one of the most wonderful things in life. 

And when I live in a way which intentionally gives space to creativity then I am rewarded with feelings of deep satisfaction at the action. 

I sit at my art desk with materials open before me and set the time for 10 minutes. A quick paint, here’s a scene of abstract roses from the very roses which sit on my desk. 

At the end of the time I am amazed. Amazed as, as I let myself go into creative flow, as I just allowed a tiny moment creation to happen, something different happened. The abstract roses looked much different to how I imagined. 

Here is a photo below which kind of captures the feeling, the adventure of creating! (Isn’t it beautiful.)

Photo by Flora Westbrook on

In the short space of time I’d allowed for it, the creativity within made something else for me. Something I wasn’t expecting. 

In the act of giving space to creative flow, something surprising happened. I’d thrown around the sparkle volleyball and left feeling energised, ready to throw it again the next day.

Be it throwing it at art, writing, assembling a slow cooker dinner with unusual ingredients. Creativity can leak through in our daily lives, and it’s brilliant.

And it happens all the time, and can certainly happen every time we create.

So go on, give space to your creative intents. The ways to do this are endless as I believe creativity can use both thought and feeling.

This could look like drawing out your veggie garden before you plant it

Or sitting there with your journal and a pen (and maybe a nice hot cup of tea) 

Or this could look like an artist ready at the easel with new materials to try and an old canvas to work through.

However it looks, it’s there and I love it. Catch!

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