Computers and Coffee Don’t Mix!

My dream is to one day be a magazine editor on a lifestyle magazine. Fashion, location shoots, features, style and writing: it just so appeals to me and is the direction I would like to take my career!

Last year I had the opportunity to write content for one of my favourite shoe brands, the Australian label Diana Ferrari and its Supersoft label.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these labels, Diana Ferrari is known for its seasonally influenced but timeless collections while Supersoft shoes are ridiculously comfy and tick the “fashionable yet feet friendly” box for its wearer.

This was my first fashion print catalogue and I’m embarrassed to say that in my nerves to get the job done well resulted in a bad case of the “Clumsiness Attack”. I’m sure there are others who know what it’s like to suffer from this unwanted but perennial condition!

The scene:

8ish in the morning at my favourite morning cafe. I was there with my beloved Macbook. We were hanging out together, as we normally did, and I was working on the Diana Ferrari job.

Then the waiter came and set down a cappuccino and some steaming porridge.

“Thank you,” I smiled, looking up from my screen only to look into the face of Chaos.

Chaos, yes another word for clumsiness.

In other words, in that moment where the waiter set down my order, my arms started flailing. I knocked over the coffee and it flew angrily all over myself but more tragically all over my computer. Looking back, it seems like an awful slow motion sequence in a dream or a scene from the Matrix… coffee slowly flying through the air, the waiter looking shocked and coming back with a cloth and me gaping “Nooooooooooooooooooooo!”

What actually happened was an unexpected move of my arm, which resulted in coffee spilling everywhere, which resulted in my poor computer turning off. Sad face.

I was so sad. Here was my big chance to write about something I love – shoes – for a shoe brand which I really liked, and my poor work was lost in a computer that was now not turning on. Thankfully I had it saved on a USB stick.

After that close call and with the help of that silver lifesaver which I fondly call a USB stick – ironically also the same name as it is called. Some nickname! – I managed to get my work up and running and sent back to Diana Ferrari. They liked it and it was used for their 2013 print catalogue which featured all around Australia in Diana Ferrari stores.

NB: You might be wondering whether I still drink coffee anywhere near my computer?

The answer is no!! I have learnt my lesson and now try to give myself at least a one metre berth of any liquids being near my computer!

On another note, that Macbook computer actually ended up coming back to life a little while later. This isn’t an advert for Apple products but I am thankful that their MacBooks (mine was circa 2009, big and white) were made durable and “accident-friendly!”

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