Check up at the Design Doctor (Part 2)

In my mind, or my mind’s eye as Wolfmother so soothingly sang about a few years back, I saw it happen…I walked into the Design Doctor, expertly filmed around it and then sat down with owner Merita Manning, interviewing 60 Minutes style.

There would be two glasses of chilled water and optimal lighting. Maybe a Ray Martin (circa 1990s) hairstyle if I was lucky. Yet, thankfully it didn’t work out that way or I’d probably still be in the shower trying to wash out a hairdo that would have been not only painful but confusing to my identity (who was I kidding!)

So dear reader, now that you know how it didn’t work out let me tell you what really happened…

I’d been planning to interview Merita Mannings and get the ‘down low’ (like my homie vernacular? Or maybe put that in the Ray Martin, ‘Probably Not’ pile) for ages. I wanted to write about her for Stories of Geelong because I knew that t there was a real story behind this shop – and the mentioned subject – but the evil constraints of Time got the better of me.

Then, I had a ‘lightbulb’ idea. Or maybe that’s too generous – it was an idea in any case.

Film Merita! went the lightbulb. Flash! (Necessity deemed I put my sunglasses on because this light was so blinding) -Pair it with a Stories of Geelong article and life wouldnot get any sweeter because, you see, sharing video stories has always been part of our master plan for Stories of Geelong.

So only a couple of days before Christmas I went to the Design Doctor. Knock knock and there I waited out the front nervously, like an apprentice Jehovah’s Witness.

Disclaimer: that’s a blatant lie, for dramatic effect. There was no knocking – only a cheerful sign that said OPEN! And an open door.

I took that as an auspicious sign and strode in there, beloved Macbook (my best friend) causing its usual one-sided shoulder slanty damage from inside a bag.

Friendly shop assistant Michelle ushered me out the back, where Merita was busily occupied. Happily, in the back room/tea room she offered me a seat and we chatted andthen I sprung it on her.

I then, in no uncertain terms, begged to interview her. Please, ASAP, I want to talk to you about your shop and design and how you get here and all the interesting and helpful things she could tell me from the point of view as a successful small business owner.

The story – herself – was sitting right in front of me and a desperate need to extract and then share it – came upon me like a late night chocolate craving.

Generously, benevolently – even in the midst of retail Christmas shopping chaos – she accepted my proposal. Maybe she felt sorry for me. Maybe I was too pushy a la Derryn Hinch (with Ray Martin hair.)

“Have you got your camera here?”

Now, that was awkward. Suddenly, I was reminded of the challenge of my equipment.

“Yessssss, ahhhh yeah. Ummm well no but kind of,” I cringed and then explained to her my ‘resourceful’ plan in lieu of proper equipment which I didn’t possess.

I showed my ‘camera’ which doubled as my Macbook. (Or really was one.)

She was good about it and so I set the “camera” down and proceeded interviewed her. You can watch it right here….

Now you’ve seen the video, do drop back again soon to see part two of this story and read my interview with Merita.

Want a check up at the Design Doctor too?

It’s located at 8/5 Minerva Road, Herne Hill and like many other hip cats, it also has aFacebook page.

 Thanks to Asher Terpstra for video editing and production.

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