Sleeping giant starting to wake up: Geelong’s art scene begins to flourish

Inside the little town (dramatised for nonsensical purposes) of Geelong, there lies many artists. Many  painters, photographers, writers, musicians, illustrators, people who draw on both canvasses and serviettes: you get the picture. Continue reading “Sleeping giant starting to wake up: Geelong’s art scene begins to flourish”

The dangling conversation …

When you’re smiling. Oh when you’re smiling. The whooooooole world smiles with you. (Sing it Louie!) Oh but when you’re … tired, you bring on the yawns. You bring on the yawns.

Did you just sing those words in your head to Louis Armstrong’s famous song, ‘When you’re smiling?’ It would be cool if you did because I just did, and that’s the cool thing about writing – it’s a way of communicating but it’s like this secret way.

Secret because the author and reader have an explicit relationship (it’s definitive. Like clockwork.) One writes, the other reads. Or vice versa. Continue reading “The dangling conversation …”