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On Writing: 3 Tips That Have Helped Me

Writer Anna Kosmanovski shares three key writing tips.


2015 Reflections

In a few hours time I may just be with loved ones watching NYE fireworks, eating pizza, enjoying the cool sweetness of ice-cream on a balmy night (or all of the above) but not right now. In this moment I can’t help but take a little time to reflect on the year that was: the year of our Lord 2015. Also more commonly known as as 2015, even ’15 to some unsentimental about four digit figures. There’s a plethora of posts going round right about now that’s all about this line of thought: the highlights (or less commonly, lowlights) of another year that’s whooshed by. There’s a sense of looking at goals set and asking ‘how did I go?’ and there’s also lots of plans being made for next year. All this is good, all this is right. But for my post, I’d like to say that while this year was a fairly great year work wise, it was great in the way I didn’t expect. There were some mistakes, some things that went wrong … …

3 Reasons Why Cats love Christmas Too

Cats. There are two traditional kinds of reactions to simply just the word. (Cats). There’s the likers and there’s the, well, um those who may not be the biggest fans in the world. We know this. For the sake of diplomacy and for the sake of those perhaps scarred by an experience with an ‘unfriendly’ or one might even say ‘antisocial’ cat, let’s also assume that there’s another camp of people who are on neither Camp Cat or Camp Un-Cat but Camp ‘Maybe Cat’.