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A Glass Factory Turned Café… And My Grandma

I sit here today in a thriving café. The good old whirr of the coffee machine, glass cupboards full of little bits and little posies in water on every wooden table. Meal comes out. The pink rose petals scattered across the usual avo toast suspect matches my pink herbal tea. Succumb to obligatory social media photo. “Have you tried the coffee here yet?” “No,”I say, slightly embarrassed. It appears that many people of my home town already have: I am a late goer. “You’re in for a real treat.” Usually I’d just go with it. How can I say no to that, the excitement and pride on his face is evident… and yet, I explain that I can only have half strength coffee and that sometimes coffee doesn’t agree with me. They lose interest a bit. Gosh, this breaky tastes great. I wish it would go on for a longer time. I try to prolong it – I should have requested two pieces of bread… Outside are cyclists, looking content in their flock. Admirably practical …

On Being

“Hey friend! Lovely to see you. How’ve you been?” “Busy. Just really busy.” “Hi! Haven’t seen for you a while, how are you?” “Good. Yeah, just busy! Flat out. You?” “Hey {Insert Name}! How are you? What you have been up to?” “Good. I do things. All the things. In fact, I’m really busy, busy, busy!!! Zzzzzz!! I’m busier than a bee, seriously… they have it easy. What about you? Gosh I’m busy! Sorry, I don’t have time to chat.” Ok, so that last conversation may be a slight exaggeration but you get the point.