The dangling conversation …

When you’re smiling. Oh when you’re smiling. The whooooooole world smiles with you. (Sing it Louie!) Oh but when you’re … tired, you bring on the yawns. You bring on the yawns.

Did you just sing those words in your head to Louis Armstrong’s famous song, ‘When you’re smiling?’ It would be cool if you did because I just did, and that’s the cool thing about writing – it’s a way of communicating but it’s like this secret way.

Secret because the author and reader have an explicit relationship (it’s definitive. Like clockwork.) One writes, the other reads. Or vice versa. Continue reading “The dangling conversation …”

The sport of writing

Writers.They’re funny types. Weird.

By this, obviously I am including myself.

Think about it… if there was an athlete training for a triathlon or a marathon or some serious, inevitable event, what would they be doing?


Training. Working with a coach, being disciplined, off to the pool at 5.30am, only eating roast potatoes on a Sunday, that sort of thing. Continue reading “The sport of writing”

Mummies-in-waiting: Ancient Egyptian beliefs

What makes the subject of history so compelling is the sense of unity – and also likeness – between the past and the present. The ‘humanness’ that provides a channel of similarity between people who live in 2011 and those who lived in 1786 or 1044 or even 2000 B.C. Continue reading “Mummies-in-waiting: Ancient Egyptian beliefs”

Thoughts on Walking and Nodding

One of the characteristics of studying can, often be a difficulty in having ‘enough’ money to get by. Or “buy” so the pun would go…

Study can soak up both your money, as well as time. For example the term ‘Social Life’ which may cause distress and familiar angst to some of you who understand too well the instance of phrases like this being bandied around: “Oh man, would love to come out but have to study tonight.” Or, “Wish I could drop by the party but this essay is due tomorrow morning and it’s worth [bla bla] percent.”

Or, as was in my case, “I’m sorry I can’t come tonight because I have to work all day tomorrow, yes I know tomorrow is Sunday but weekend work is all I can take because I’m a – yes that glamourous word again – Student!” Continue reading “Thoughts on Walking and Nodding”

Literary and journalistic reflections

I can’t see the bright burning sun of Goals and Purpose anymore. I used to see it in my university studies: both in the frenetic journey of research and essay-writing. The light at the end of the tunnel would be a HD mark: a mailed-back essay with a cover sheet scrawled in my messy handwriting. (like a teenager who just has their pen licence pretending to be a grown-up)

The elation translates into a feeling, could perhaps be turned into dialogue ….

You: (about to look at your essay mark, your stomach churning) “Hmmm, if I get a bad mark, I don’t care anyway.” Very Clint Eastwood bravado approach. Laissez-faire. Before opening it you reason with yourself, bargain with yourself. Continue reading “Literary and journalistic reflections”